Increase your Capability to reach Inaccessible Areas!

The KWMI Transporter is a heavy-duty, all-terrain rubber-tracked power carrier that is used in conjunction with a high pressure hydraulic sewer cleaner. Its outstanding maneuverability allows unparalleled access to easements, wooded areas, wetland areas, narrow alleys, and behind homes and buildings.

Standard Features Include:

  • Variable Speed Reel

  • Water Pressure Gauge

  • Removable Reel with Stand

  • Reel Guide with Footage Counter

  • Narrow 46” Design for Tight Areas

  • 24.9hp Kubota Diesel Engine

Optional Features Include:

  • Hydraulic Tilt Bed

  • Work Lights and Power Port

  • 600ft of 1'“ 2500 PSI Hose

  • Up to 1000ft of 3/4” PSI Hose

  • 26.5hp Kohler EFI Engine