KWMI Implements


Sod Roller

The KWMI Sod roller attachment presses the roots firmly into the soil, which encourages growth to start immediately.  The weight of the roller eliminates air pockets and evens out the surface of the sod. it then compacts the sod evenly to create a smooth finished surface. 

48" Roller

Weight: Full 2186lbs, Empty 553lbs

Max Gallons: 197

42" Roller

Weight: Full- 1888lbs, Empty- 502lbs

Max Gallons: 167


We keep 30", 42", and 48" heavy and medium biodegradable netting in stock.   

Mini Harvester Attachment

The Mini-Harvester will cut 30" width rolls up to 100 feet long and can also be used as a stripper. 



Sod Rakes

The KWMI Sod Rake is manufactured specifically for turf installation.   The rake head is designed for easy penetration and release of the sod.

  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Fiberglass Handle
  • Tempered Steel Head
  • Weighs Approximately 5lbs

Pallet Forks

The Pallet forks transport palletized materials weighing up to 2,500lbs and will lift 6" to 8" from the ground.


Turf Stripper 002cropped - products page - implements.jpg


Strip existing turf on any job with KWMI's Turf Stripper. This 30" wide stripper runs on tractor's PTO. (540)


All parts can be purchased directly from our wharehouse. You can email or call our office anytime during our office hours and we will have the parts sent out the same day.