Sprigmaster II

Great for expanding sod farms and sprigging sports fields and golf courses.


Our sod to sprigs planter processes big rolls, mini rolls, or slabs by feeding sod from the conveyor to the shredder. The Sprigmaster II controls the amount of sod (bushels) planted per acre and can be geared from 400-800 bushels per acre.

With this machine, you can cut cost of labor while controlling the risk of contamination.


Sprigmaster II's Specifications: 

  • 48" or 52"
  • spring loaded and swivel coulters
  • 13" coulters
  • 2" spacing
  • High speed caring wheels
  • Weight: (empty) 1650 lbs.
  • Length:  144 in.
  • Planting width:  48 in.
  • Transport Width: 80 in.
  • Width with slab rack: 72 1/2 in.
  • Height in transport: 48 in.
  • Height in operation: 40 in.