Product Description


The KWMI Easement Machine is an all-terrain rubber-tracked power carrier designed specifically for the pumper-cleaner industry.

START MAKING MONEY with this unique machine today!! The KWMI model 4623 ATR will give you an added advantage when you are bidding work in tough to get locations.

• Outstanding Maneuverability
• Variable speed reel
• Water pressure gauge
• Reel guide with foot counter
• Narrow 46″ design for tight areas
• Low 3 1/2 psi ground pressure tracks
• Removable reel with outrigger stands (can be used as a power carrier)
• Dual Purpose Transporter
• Quality, Durability, and Reasonable Price, All In One Package!

Options include:

• Skid Steer Reel Attachment
• 600 ft. of 1″ 2,500 psi hose
• Hydraulic tilt bed
• Work light or plug-in spotlight

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